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AB Newlife 75 Mk6 Incubator
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Priam Psittaculture Centre

AB Newlife 75 Mk6 Professional Incubator with rollers.

Microprocessor controlled temperature; dial-up humidity system; programmable turning system; high-temperature alarm sounder, and automatic heater cut out to prevent damage to eggs.
Please see below, or our Parrot Breeding website, under Parrot Breedin g Equipment, for more information and incubation recommendations.


Incorporating the RG2 Humidity controller.



            -Microprocessor controller accurate to +/- 0.3C

            -Continuous humidity metering and control via solid state dry sensor

            -External humidity water supply

            -Double glazed viewing window

            -Self priming water supply pump           

            -Variable turning cycle periods via programmable time clock

            -Egg trays and rollers

            -Tough, Thermally efficient cabinet



SET UP INSTRUCTIONS                    

Remove the incubator from the box and inspect for transit damage. Open the lid and remove all interior packaging. Close the lid and secure with the latch.


Fit the mains supply lead to the socket on the rear of the control box, and then to the mains supply. If the plug has to be changed, rewire as follows Brown = Live.   Blue = Neutral   Green/Yellow = Earth.


In areas where the mains supply is subject to voltage spikes we suggest the fitting of an anti surge plug to this equipment, and in extreme cases a smoothing device to improve performance.


Place the incubator on a level surface in an area which is not subject to wide variations in ambient temperature, or directly in sunlight.


The temperature sensor probe is positioned away from the metal housing in the air flow.


Therefore an offset calibration has been programmed into each individual machine at the time of test. It is essential that the calibration procedures are checked to ensure that the temperature is running correctly.

Switch on the mains supply switch on the control box and wait until the readout stabilizes and achieves the factory setting of 37.5C. During this time no indicators will be lit. The fan will be heard to run.

Leave the incubator until the green indicator flashes on and off, this shows the control is approaching the set point. It is usual for the alarm to sound when the incubator first runs up to temperature due to preliminary overrun.


To alter the operating temperature setpoint






 The incubator is fitted with an alarm to warn of over temperature, this is factory set to activate at 0.5 degrees above set operating temperature, even if the set point is changed. The sounder ONLY is isolated by the small switch below the controller, this is left down under normal running conditions to provide the audible warning. Heater cut out is always active independent of the alarm switch to safeguard the eggs.

If any programming queries occur please refer to the factory for assistance. The function of the sensor means that any wide swings in supply voltage can cause stability problems. Please refer to first paragraph for help in solving this 



Fill a container with distilled water and place the open end of the pipe into it. Wind the central section of pipe around the pump head as shown on the rear of the control box. Switch on the humidity control and leave to stabilize for five seconds.

The meter will indicate the internal cabinet humidity level, and to set the level to that required use the graduated scale as a guide only and set by rotating the knob. Leave for fifteen minutes to allow the water to be drawn along the tube and into the incubator onto the evaporation pad. This introduces humidity to the machine, if the level achieved is not as accurate as required readjust the knob up or down depending.



Due to the action of the pump it is advisable to change the central length of tube at regular intervals to maintain consistent control. Spare tube is included with the machine.

Once the required level is achieved the pump will begin to cut on and off intermittently to maintain the control.



Ensure the turning linkage is correctly assembled at the rear right side of the metal housing, with the shuttle located to the pin. Turn on the turning switch on the control box. The turning pause time is altered by raising or dropping the segments around the clock face on the side of the control box, each segment being a 10 minute delay.           

The machine is factory set to turn the turning trays 45degrees each way. To increase or decrease this angle, undo the brown knob on the back turning housing and slide the stop to the desired position, re-tighten the knob in its new position. This facility is most useful when fitting rollers to achieve 180 degree rotation of eggs.



On completion of setting a batch of eggs the incubator should be thoroughly cleaned with a good disinfectant such as ArkKlense to remove any bacterial infection, and prevent contamination of subsequent batches.



Place a known good thermometer into the egg area at the correct height to be at the top of the egg, and in the free air flow. Allow this to stabilize and check the reading.

If this differs more than 0.2C from the digital readout then calibration is required. Note the temperature difference; if the digital readout is high then a negative value is required. I.e. Thermometer reads 37.1C and readout gives 37.5C then an offset of –0.4C is required.

To input this. Press right and center buttons together until display changes. Then using the left button scroll through the parameters until offs appears. This will change to give a value, i.e. 2.7, using the right or center buttons add or take away the value you have calculated. This will adjust the readout to the correct temperature as read by the thermometer.

Leave the controller to time out and return to a normal temperature readout. At this point it will adjust the operating temperature inside the cabinet.

Repeat the procedure if the temperature is not within 0.2C after 10 mins.


Priam Psittaculture Centre (PPC)

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